The dogs and puppies photos on the internet serve several functions. Dogs are members of the family and they have always stayed on family photo albums and home videos, but the internet puppyies photos have given a whole new purpose and meaning to puppies as we shall see in this article. Apart from the basic functions of ascertaining their position as important members of the family, dogs photos online are also an important source of information and knowledge for people all over the world who acknowledge the contribution of the canines in our lives.

The first purpose of puppies photos online is that they are a source of companionship and happiness for all those who love dogs. The images of dogs playing, dogs cuddling their owners, dogs out for a walk in the evening, puppies watching over the kids at a playground, dogs playing piano, puppies and cats playing together or dogs dressed in funny costumes are a real source of happiness for anyone who can understand the interrelationship of dogs and humans. Our furry friends who appear in the puppies photos do their best to make us believe the true value of love, trust and friendship. The various dog owner’s forums that are present online are a great source of dogs posing in different photos. These photos are also a source of applause and pride for the owners of the dogs.

The dog’s photos are important instruments in the correct identification of the breeds. For the purpose of breed identification, some sites over the internet maintain archives of dogies photos with detailed text description of the breed. This is indeed an invaluable contribution towards understanding dogs because of the simple reason that there are hundreds of dog breeds all over the world. The dogs photos help us to understand the peculiarities of a breed, the history of a breed, the parents of a particular breed and also the demographics that the breeds represent.

The breed dogs photos are even more important because dogs of same breed may look different depending on their geographical positions or dogs of different breeds may appear the same for similar reasons. If you are a new dog owner, the dog’s photos will help you to ascertain the pedigree of your dog most correctly. The dogs photos also permits the owners to compare their dog’s heights, weights and appearances with dogs of same breed or different breed. The dogs photos are also helpful in determining the gender differences and how a puppy will look when he or she has grown into an adult dog.

Finally, the importance of puppies photos is also during unfortunate emergencies like natural disasters. If you have been separated from your pet (not only puppies, but any pet), then the photos of them may prove to be of invaluable assistance for helping your dog reunite with the family. For this reason, it is necessary that a recent photograph of your dog is always present with you. The recent experiences with natural disasters like the hurricane Katrina proved beyond doubt that puppies photos can be miraculously helpful in reuniting with your loved pet.