Max and Neo™ Reflective Nylon Dog Leash – We Donate a Leash to a Dog Rescue for Every Leash Sold


YOUR PURCHASE HELPS A DOG RESCUE: For every leash sold, we donate an identical leash to a dog rescue. Dog rescues are in constant need of dog supplies. We donate 1 for 1 for every purchase. By purchasing one of our dog leashes, you receive a premium high quality leash and you donate one to a rescue. Together we can support dog rescues with a never ending supply of leashes.
DOG RESCUES: Each month we donate to different rescues throughout the USA. At the end of every month, we tally up the number of leashes and collars sold. Based on the number, we determine how many rescues we can donate to for that month. We have a list now of over 400 rescues to donate to. We donate down our list of rescues until each one has received a donation and then we go back to the top of our list. In special cases, we will donate to rescues out of turn based on their immediate needs.
QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Our leashes have all the features of top of the line dog leashes. Our dog leash is 1″ wide and made of 2mm thick but soft heavy duty nylon webbing designed to handle the largest dog breeds. They are made to endure the constant use that dog rescues put them through. We consulted with many dog rescues to find out what they wanted in a perfect dog leash. And they answered: Tough, Heavy Duty, Durable, Comfortable and Affordable.

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Max and Neo™ Dog Gear is named after my dog Neo and my brother’s dog Max. Both dogs lived happy lives in Arizona. When Neo passed on to the great beyond, I began fostering rescue dogs. It became apparent to me that running dog rescues required alot of resources in both time and money. Max and Neo Dog Gear was started to help dog rescues with their never ending need for dog supplies.

We are proud so that you can offer this program for you to provide a constant supply of dog leashes to dog rescues. Even as a simple leash may not seem like much, each donated leash allows dog rescues to reserve its funds for other much needed services such as medical bills, spaying, neutering, and dog food.


The Max and Neo Dog Leash is made from very top of the range nylon. This special nylon is thick, tough yet soft and comfortable for the handler. When you receive and feel the leash you’re going to know that it was made with care. This leash can accommodate the largest breed dog and is made for pullers.


• 6 ft long, 1″ wide x 2mm thick nylon
• Padded care for for comfort
• D-ring for easy clip on accessories
• Reflective stitching on both sides for middle of the night visibility
• Gunmetal finished quality metal
• Lifetime warranty


When you purchase a Max and Neo dog leash, we donate an identical dog leash to a dog rescue. We have donated over $87,000 in dog leashes and collars to over 180 dog rescues. Helping a rescue has never been easier! By purchasing one of our dog leashes, you receive a premium top of the range leash and you donate one to a rescue. Together we will be able to reinforce dog rescues with a never ending supply of leashes.

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